June, 22

On FDI, CM Modi’s only intention was to fool India

Taking U-turns is a trait so typical of Modi Government. During UPA Government’s tenure, Chief Minister Shri Modi was the one who was leading the charge against Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). Today, the same man is telling people what great work he has done by allowing 100% FDI in retail.

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June, 18

Media reports suggest, NDA-I Government was ‘fixed’

Addressing a press conference, Congress Spokesperson Manish Tewari said, “If the recent media reports are true, then the entire NDA- I government was completely and absolutely compromised.”

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June, 17

Where is good governance ? Where is development, Modi ji?

Addressing a press conference, Congress Spokesperson RPN Singh said, “When BJP came to power, Modi ji promised a new type of government based on development & Good Governance. Yet, over the last two years, the BJP leaders have responded to every issue by simply engaging in diversionary tactics.”

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The Incredible Journey

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